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What is the best way to ventilate and cool the logistics warehouse workshop in summer?


What is the best way to ventilate and cool a logistics warehouse in summer?


How to provide natural ventilation and cooling in logistics and warehouses? Logistics warehousing centers generally have higher and larger areas, such as some food processing factories, pharmaceutical factories, traditional Chinese medicine factories, etc.  However, if it rains for a short period of time, the natural ventilation and cooling are not good, and the room temperature is too high or too humid, the stored goods will be severely damaged. In addition, if the environment is not good, it will greatly reduce employees' work initiative and reduce work efficiency. How can this problem be solved in logistics and warehousing?


There are many methods for ventilation and cooling in logistics warehouses, but there are few that can actually create a high temperature and hot environment. Many logistics and warehousing centers will install centrifugal fans on the roof to promote indoor air quality and goods circulation through the effect of centrifugal fans. However, the actual cooling effect of general purpose axial fans is not obvious and cannot cover every corner. There will be some moisture and odour in the body that cannot be eliminated.


Among many solutions, HVLS fans are one of the few mechanical devices that can reasonably improve the natural ventilation of logistics warehouses. The diameter of the blades of industrial ceiling fans is more than 7 m long. As they rotate, the exhaust volume covers a large area, which can be as large as 2,000 square meters. With such a large contact, the natural flow of gas can be achieved, helping the logistics and warehousing centre to achieve the effect of ventilation, remove indoor cloudy and hot gas, and lower the gas temperature.