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Agricultural Ceiling Fans

Plants need access to the carbon dioxide found in fresh air to grow. But it can be hard for them to get enough of it when they’re in a greenhouse unless there is air movement. That’s why many growers add greenhouse fans to their production area. The idea is that industrial greenhouse fans will keep fresh air moving throughout the space so that it reaches all of the plants within it.

But greenhouse ceiling fans come with their own problems. They’re noisy, expensive to operate, and not entirely effective. HVLS ceiling fans provide a solution to those problems.

Vindus fans are the perfect way to control the climate and circulation of your greenhouse.

Their large diameter enables them to move more air further distances than smaller greenhouse ceiling fans can. That means they make it much easier for you to maintain the ventilation and air circulation levels needed in your greenhouse to maximize plant growth.

Improved air circulation also leads to reduced humidity. This can be very beneficial to the plants that you’re growing, as too much humidity can encourage the growth of mildews, pathogens, and pests. Of course, those who work in your greenhouse will also enjoy the benefits of this, as HVLS greenhouse fans will make the space much more comfortable for them to work in.



Large space, outdoor or indoor

Typical Energy Systems

Heat, climatized


• Comfort

• Increase productivity

• Moisture

• Health