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HVLS Ceiling Fans

Students learn best when they’re comfortable and the brain has a supple supply of oxygen. That’s why so many campuses, classrooms, and auditoriums feature an HVAC system.   

But the costs of running an air conditioning system that will keep them comfortable consistently can be excessive. Instead of settling for an un-ideal solution to this problem, take a look at HVLS ceiling fans for schools.   

HVLS ceiling fans for colleges and other schools provide high-powered air circulation in large spaces. Their powerful design makes it possible for them to cool entire auditoriums and stadiums without racking up your energy bill.  

Of course, even the most powerful, efficient fan in the world would be worthless if it interrupted your students from their learning. HVLS fans for schools won’t do that at all. They’re actually quieter than many other cooling solutions, such as traditional ceiling fans and HVAC systems. So installing big ceiling fans in your school could improve your students’ concentration while also keeping them more comfortable.



Auditorium, school halls and sport centers

Typical Energy Systems



• Human comfort

• Energy savings