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Vindus Large Fans for Manufacturing Spaces

When we did the site survey for the first time at this manufacturing facility with 10 meter ceiling height, we registered a differential of 8 degrees Celsius temperature between floor and ceiling levels, the fully functioning heating system was heating the ceiling instead of the workers on the floor and thereby wasting energy and money After one month’s use of Vindus Fans in a test section of the facility, client called us to install 4 more units to cover the rest of the factory and they estimated an ROI within 8 months of use.

We will come back before summer to get the employees feedback on comfort and the managing team’s feedback on the investment.

In cases were the inside environment is too warm. According to a NASA study (published in 1976) when temperature reach 32 degrees Celsius the loss in accuracy could reach 40%, productivity loss is almost as bad. Our HVLS fans solutions help reduce the effective temperature up to 7 degrees Celsius and thereby increasing accuracy, productivity and employee satisfaction.

Construction Date: February 2019
Location: France
Purpose: energy saving and productivity
Models: M800 - 7.3m diameter