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HVLS Fans for Sports Centers

Our HVLS ceiling fans will create an ocean breeze inside your fitness center or studio by moving large amounts of air at a low speed. This leads to hugely improved air quality and comfort, while also reducing odor and moisture issues.

In winter, these big fans utilize a process called destratification to heat large spaces, such as gymnasiums or racket sport spaces (like tennis or padel), more efficiently at the occupant level. This makes it easy to keep athletes and spectators alike cool and warm, and invested in the sporting event at hand instead of worrying about the temperature.

Athletes need comfort and oxygen to maximize their performance. But standard gym fans do little to provide it in large arenas or sports clubs.

They’re costly to operate and inefficient. Instead of sticking with your old gym ceiling fans or AC, consider making the switch to HVLS industrial gym fans from Vindus.

What’s more, large commercial ceiling fans installed in vast spaces such as indoor volleyball courts can be operated at a fraction of what it costs to install and run a gym air condition system. Most incredible is that the investment pays back itself for sports spaces with a traditional HVAC system, Vindus ceiling fans will dramatically reduce the energy cost by up to 30% on AC cooling during summer and up to 45% on your heating during winter.

Installing Vindus fans in your gymnastics facility will benefit your wallet, your athletes, and your spectators.



Swimming pool, sporting events, gymnasiums

Typical Energy Systems

Heat, climatized


• Human comfort

• Energy savings

• Moisture

• Odor