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HVLS Fans for Warehouses

We believe in providing cooling services that are both beneficial and cost-efficient. Our fans have been designed in a way so that they can be easily installed in spaces such as commercial warehouses, restaurants, gymnasiums, hospitals, and large industrial spaces. Our team of experienced engineers has been working tirelessly to provide revolutionary airflow solutions for a wide range of spaces, from warehouses to big industrial spaces as well. These HVLS fans are equally functional in commercial buildings as well as recreational areas due to their large, colossal blades that smoothly circulate large volumes of air at low speeds. 

When Jean, Technical Manager for a regional DC in Eastern of France, first contacted us, his main interest was to cool his employees, as summer last year was very hot and productivity decreased. But quickly after starting the site survey, we noticed that an infra-red heating systems was installed and energy savings could be made in the picking area because a 3 degrees Celsius temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling was registered.

After redesigning and running for a month the heating system in addition with Vindus Fans HVLS, employees in the picking area felt more comfortable with warm feet and the finance’ team sees already pay back in their electricity bill.

For sure, we will come back this summer to get their feedback on the productivity level and thermal comfort.

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Construction Date: February 2019
Location: France
Purpose: thermal comfort and energy saving
Models: M800 - 7.3m diameter