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Commercial Building HVLS Fans

With Vindus HVLS Fans, everything is possible!

Tired of finding that one-perfect cooling solution without hampering the environment? Well, we have an amazing offer for you! Our wide range of exclusive HVLS Fans are a perfect destination to all your cooling needs. Our fans have been made by creating a perfect balance of innovation and technology, along with lots of love and care for nature as well as your expenses. Hence, you need not break the bank for installing Vindus HVLS Fans in your spaces such as educational institutions, hospitals, large outdoor halls, commercial warehouses, or big industrial areas.

Since certain commercial spaces such as Car dealer show-rooms are built with high window walls, it’s almost next to impossible to get a uniform airflow. Besides, during summer, the scorching heat increases the temperature of the building where running AC isn’t a feasible option at all. One such owner of a car show-room relied on our products and expressed utmost satisfaction. 

Let’s hear it from the Branch Manager itself-

 “The use of Vindus HVLS fans allowed us this winter to give our customers a more satisfactory shopping experience as the HVLS fans push hot air down from ceiling to the floor. It has to be mentioned, we run them in reverse mode to filter out the hot air without our customer noticing it. Furthermore, it took only one day for a Vindus professional installer to set up the HVLS solution. Last but not least, using our HVAC heating system with Vindus fans allowed us to reduce our energy bills by 38%. This is definitely an economical solution to air destratification that I recommend to any retail shop.”

Construction Date: February 2019
Location: Spain
Purpose: energy saving and comfort
Models: M600 - 4.27m diameter