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Livestock Barn Fans

Livestock like dairy cows are more productive when they’re comfortable. Many farmers install dairy barn fans in the places where they keep their animals because of this. But most stall fans use a lot of energy, cost too much to operate, and do little to cool the livestock or keep bothersome bugs, birds, dust, and hygienic floors under control.

If you’re looking for a solution to these problems, then high-quality HVLS ceiling fans will help.

HVLS fans enable you to increase the production of your livestock without breaking your budget.

Their large blades enable them to run much more efficiently than common dairy barn fans. HVLS fans like ours are also capable of reducing excessive moisture in the air. This can provide your cattle with even more comfort, leading to even more impressive production outcomes.

That’s why upgrading your stall fans to an HVLS model could be just what you need to improve your livestock operations and pay back the investment of Vindus fans.



Large space, indoor or outdoor

Typical Energy Systems

High speed fans ventilation


• Comfort

• Increase production

• Moisture

• Health

• Dry the barn floor