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  1. What is a sustainable ventilation solution?

    A sustainable ventilation solution is an integrated system that arranges air exchange in an organized manner, and is composed of technologies and methods with a high energy and environmental performance. A proper design and control strategy, heat recovery, the use of renewable energy sources, and waste heat are the main aspects which must be taken into consideration for efficient and sustainable ventilation

  2. What is an HVLS Fan?

    Technically speaking, a high-volume, low-speed fan is any ceiling fan that is greater than (3m) 10ft in diameter. This increased size is the hallmark of HVLS fans because it impacts how they operate. HVLS fans use their size, not speed, to move large amounts of air efficiently throughout large spaces. Traditional fans rely on speed to do this, which isn’t usually as effective of an option with regards to energy consumption nor is it as comfortable for the occupant.