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What are HVLS fans


A HVLS, high-volume, low-speed fan is a type of mechanical fan larger than 7 feet (2.1 m) in diameter. HVLS fans are typically ceiling fans, although some are pole-mounted. HVLS fans move slowly, distributing large volumes of air at low speeds - hence the name "high volume, low speed".

Typical applications for HVLS fans fall into two categories - industrial and commercial.

In industrial applications, HVAC is often cost prohibitive or impractical, and is typically used only in cold storage facilities or in the production of refrigerated or frozen foods. Fans installed in spaces such as warehouses, barns, hangars and distribution centers can prevent heat stress, increase worker comfort and improve productivity for both workers and animals. 

HVLS fans are also used in commercial spaces where air conditioning is more common, but increased air movement from ceiling fans can cost-effectively increase occupant comfort or prevent stratification. Typical commercial applications include shopping malls, churches, office buildings, airport terminals, fitness centers, gym and schools.