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Why Choose Vindus


Why Choose Vindus

  • The motor adopts the latest generation of permanent magnet synchronous motor, no risk of oil leakage, eliminating late maintenance; 

  • The magnet in the motor adopts UH grade, with a heat resistance coefficient of 1 80  , durable and non-demagnetizing;  

  • Integrated machine, real-time display of voltage, current, speed and operating status and fault alarm information; 

  • Fan blade using 6061 aluminum alloy, strength and toughness are better than 6063, more secure; 

  • Wider fan blades, wall thickness of 2mm, greater airflow, safer; 

  • 6mm seamless steel pipe extension pole, safer, more stable and reliable; 

  • Multiple safety guarantees such as anti-fall wire rope; 

  • CE, ISO9000 + 1 4000 and other multiple certifications, China People's Insurance underwriting 1 million product liability insurance, to  ensure the use of worry-free;