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The M600 combines a beautiful design with energy-efficient power. Its blades were developed and design tested by computer fluid dynamic experts for maximum performance. The motor is low-noise, low-energy, and low weight, making it ideal for commercial spaces, schools, warehouses, and more. The M600 Series was developed to help designers, architects, and engineers improve occupant comfort while also reducing a building’s carbon footprint. It delivers comfortable airflow to cool efficiently in the summer and equalize temperatures in the winter. The M600 performs best in medium-sized spaces with ceiling heights ranging from 2.75m (9ft) to 7m (23ft). It’s available in diameters ranging from 3m (10ft) to 4.27m (14ft) to suit your building’s needs.

Product Details
Models / PerformanceDiametersNumber of BladesWeightMax Rotation SpeedMax Airflow 
(AMCA 230-15) *
Max Airflow 
(AMCA 230-99) *
Power Usage 
Covered Area (m2)Recommended 
Blade Height (m)
M600-82440 mm526 kg122 RPM33,090 m³/h46,795 m³/h85 Watts180 m25-7
M600-103050 mm529 kg112 RPM77,300 m³/h109,320 m³/h155 Watts230 m25-7
M600-123660 mm532 kg98 RPM115,360 m³/h163,145 m³/h240 Watts350 m25-7
M600-144270 mm535 kg74 RPM136,250 m³/h192,288 m³/h190 Watts470 m25-7

General specifications
Voltage110VAC - 240VAC Single Phase, 50Hz / 60Hz
Sound @ Max Speed<40 dBA
IP RatingIndoor Rated (Outdoor Rating 2019)
Temperature Ratingminus 10℃  /   plus 50℃ with Safety Slowdown
CertificationsCE, CB for local IEC Certification
Controller7" HMI for 1-10 Fans (Sold separate
MountingFully Ajustable. No Guy Wires with standard drop tube.
Mount to Blades Height1m Standard
Warranty3 Years on all Parts - Extended Warranty Optional

Motor Technology: Direct drive technology

No oil

No seals to leak

Only 2 moving parts

Low noise

Low energy consumption

Low weight

Transverse Flux Machine Motor Type

Lighter weight

High torque density

Smaller package

Low energy losses


5 anodized aluminium blades 

Available in custom-painted colors

Quick and easy installation

Schedule and timer modes available

Energy-efficient operation

Made in Europe

Network HMI for up to 10 fans

Conforms to CE, EN, and IEC standards

10 speed settings

Multiple redundancies in all critical components,

Reverse mode for destratification

including blades, motors, electronics, and mount

Maximizes HVAC system efficiency
Lower energy consumption
Reduces energy costs
Reduces your carbon footprint
Improves indoor air quality
Improves thermal comfort in summer and winter
Extremely quiet operation
Reduces mental fatigue
Increases worker productivity
HMI 1-10 Controller
HMI 1-10 Controller

Compatible with M600 and M800

Portable easy-to-use touchscreen interface

7” TFT display

Manually control or automate the run time, speed and direction of up to 10 Vindus fans from a single, central location

Schedule your fans (or group of fans) to be turned on and off for seamless operation

Forward and reverse operation

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