Sport center

Evidence shows that the use of HVLS fans in sports and education centres is beneficial for multiple reasons:

  • It improves the comfort of athletes and spectators
  • Reduces the impact of humidity on the floor level and the equipment
  • Savings on energy bills in the summer is up to 30% and up to 40% in the winter
  • Reduce odors in the facility by a constant and gentle air movement

Vicente Balaguer, Facility Manager of one international school did not hesitate to buy two units for their gymnasium. “Summer is coming and ceiling temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius. Running two units at 50% of speed will allow us to cut our Air Conditionning energy bills by 25% and some days we might not even switch on the HVAC systems”, he says.


Construction date: March 2019
Location: Spain
Purpose: energy saving and cooling
Models: M600 - 4.27m diameter