Claude Nolan Cadillac is the oldest Cadillac dealer in the Southern States of America, family-owned since 1905.

Their service shop was very loud due to the multiple ~0.7-1m diameter high speed wall mounted fans they had installed and nonetheless, air circulation wasn’t good. Wall fans only cool people when they are right next to them, are very loud and use more electricity to run than ceiling fans do. They were looking for a straightforward hands-on approach to their problem and connected with Vindus Fans through a customer recommendation.

Vindus Fans engineering team visited the dealership, provided a computer layout of the shop that clearly showcased the superior airflow coverage four M750-24 fans would provide and answered all their questions. They were particularly worried about the airflow not reaching all the employees.

Once the HVLS fans were installed, all wall fans were turned off and the entire shop became plain quiet while a pleasant airflow covered every area of the shop.


“Our shop is now very quiet and cool.
Employees are very happy with the fans.”
Charles Bentley, Fixed Operations Manager


Charles encourages anyone with a similar problem to visit their shop to check out the fantastic airflow coverage and enjoy the silence!



Construction date: September 2021
Location: Jacksonville FL
Purpose: Cooling, consistent airflow coverage, energy saving, silent working space
Models: M750-24 - 7.2m diameter