In Almeria, the world largest concentration of greenhouses, spring time is when humidity related diseases usually peak in greenhouses. Sunny days increase the transpiration of moisture from leaf surfaces and evaporation from the  soil. The warm air holds the moisture in the vapor form. At night as the air cools to the dew point, condensation occurs and water droplets are formed on cooler surfaces.

To reduce humidity, improve air quality and avoid disease problems, the ventilation system has been designed with M600 series to study in one area of the greenhouse the benefits over the crop of the natural air ventilation delivered by Vindus fans.

As Miguel Garcia, Crop Manager said: “Vindus HVLS fans help promote a better growing environment and the wind stress provoked reinforce the roots of the plants.”


Construction date: March 2019
Location: Spain
Purpose: humidity control and thermal efficiency
Models: M600 - 4.27m diameter