Welcome to today’s innovative airflow concept.

Only 5 engineered blades, simple operation using a single controller and the highest degree of reliability using superior design: Vindus Fans brings you the comfortable airflow that you need for your cooling/heating, air/humidity quality control and energy savings applications.


Vindus Fans products incorporate superior design systems in all critical areas assuring the highest degree of reliability. This encompasses blades, Direct Drive motors, electronics, displays and much more.

For example, the numerous safety systems like safety cable, guy wires and retainer links are redundant due to their basic design criteria so they will never experience the need to use them.


Installation has never been so easy.

Two experienced installers can install our largest 7.3m diameter fan in under 2 hours because its only 20 bolts that need to tightened and its total weight is less than 115kg. Its possible because of mindful designs throughout, from packaging to using the latest in motor technology and electronics. Combined it has allowed us to effectively reduce the weight of the fans as well as the installation process.


When experiencing the new Vindus Fans M600, M700 and M800 models in action for the first time, you will be astounded by how quiet they are.

Because all 5 blades and our Direct Drive motor are acoustically operated within a narrow frequency band, they appear to the human ear to be only like a slow wind.


Vindus Fans set new benchmarks not just in terms of reliability and simplicity, but also where cost effectiveness is concerned.

To run our M800-24, 7.3m model will cost you less than 1 euro/day.

On top of this, requirements for maintenance, repair and overhaul are reduced to a minimum through the avoidance of complex mechanical components. The simple and intuitive operation also goes away with human error.


We like perfection, precision and reliability. With that in mind, all our products are developed and built to the highest standard possible. From the initial idea/drawings to the software and electronic components through to the latest version.

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